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Wild/Secret Writing + Gatefold Journal

My most popular course!

I gently guide you to the next level in transforming ANY writing into beautiful & meaningful self-expression & ‘Word-Marks’.

Then create my signature artist's book! 

Ultimate DIY Washi Tape Class

Learn cool washi tape techniques
& make tags, ATCs,
tip-ins & Index Cards! 

Joyful Card Journal

A process packed workshop learning about translucent papers, layers & many other techniques.
PLUS, create this beautiful card journal! 

Free Sections

Art Journaling

Sit in on my studio sessions as I splash paint around, glue, stitch, stamp, collage, weave…
Learn about & join in my Journal Projects.

Download digital papers. 


Fun & Functional

Let's catalogue every technique & arty idea we know!

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Hi, I’m Autumn, & I'm so glad you're here!

Not a day goes by that I'm not arting or thinking about form, colour, composition, techniques... I live and breathe creativity. I'm an artist down into my bones!

I’m an autodidactic multidisciplinary artist.

I have a Fine Arts degree (1992) in narrative analogue photography, & later self-taught in abstract art - acrylics, pastels & textiles (whilst getting a Psychology degree).

After a break, I discovered & fell in love with art journals in 2008 when I had my child.

Sometimes I share pure joy art & sometimes I dive deep & explore.

I believe in art’s ability to repair, sooth, console, offer a respite & just plain make you happy.

I’ve been teaching for 20 years and I'm passionate about inspiring others to create & express themselves. I believe you can do it!

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