Head to Heart Art

Scrappy Journal

My signature Artist Book with it’s unique cover and scrumptious papers.

I only make a few at a time.

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Wild Writing 102

More of my highly successful,

innovative & self-empowering course!

Leave behind ‘negative’ thoughts about your hand-writing. I gently guide you to the next level in transforming any writing into beautiful & meaningful self-expression & ‘Word-Marks’.

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Head to Heart Art

Art-making that is thoughtful, meaningful

& nurturing.

For self-awareness & self-healing.

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Art techniques that are fun as well as beautiful!

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Art Journaling

Sit in on my studio sessions as I; splash paint around, glue, stitch, stamp, collage, weave…..

Learn about & join in my Journal Projects.

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Assemble and fill a quirky journal with me!

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Hi, I’m Autumn.

Creating is my passion.

Making things with my hands, working with colour, bringing ‘beauty’ into the world.

I’m a formally-trained artist, creating abstract art in acrylics, pastels & textiles for over 30 years until I fell in love with art journals.

I’m enthusiastic about sharing art

& positivity!

I’ve been teaching for 20 years and am passionate about empowering others to create & express themselves.

I believe you can do it!

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